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Summer 2023 – 30x heat wave expected with maximum temperature touching 55 degrees

In many parts of the country these days people are in bad condition due to the heat. Fans, and coolers are failing to provide relief from the heat in many cities of North India including the capital Delhi and it is difficult to spend a moment without AC. This is the situation when these days the temperature is reaching 40 to 44 degrees. In such a situation, just imagine what would be the situation when the temperature would be between 48 to 55. Heat stroke will be 30 times more in the country. The way carbon dioxide is being emitted and it is increasing. Due to this, it is feared that in the coming years, the average temperature of many cities including the capital Delhi may increase by 7 to 8 degrees as compared to the present.

According to the rapid attribution analysis conducted by an international team of leading climate scientists under the World Weather Attribution Group, the region’s high vulnerability to heatwave hotspots around the world exacerbated the effects of the weather. During April, parts of South and Southeast Asia experienced an intense heat wave, with temperatures reaching over 42 °C in Laos and 45 °C in Thailand.

A lot of shocking information has come out in this report of top scientists. According to the report, in the next few years, there will be 30 times more heat waves. The day is not far when the temperature in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Thailand will be around 55 degree Celsius. This report has placed the temperature of 41 degree Celsius in the dangerous category. While the temperature of 55 degrees Celsius has been described as very dangerous.

This report further states that, at present, there is no exact figure of deaths due to heat stroke across the world. Because death due to heat waves is recorded after many days. In the policies that are being made regarding heat waves and climate change, special emphasis is not being given to heat waves. According to the report, heat waves are also posing a threat to livelihood and employment.

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