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Sukant Majumdar – “CAA will apply nationwide, opposition can’t do anything”

West Bengal BJP President Sukant Majumdar has made a scathing attack on the state Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee. Sukant Majumdar said that ‘You (Mamata Banerjee) are part of the opposition alliance I.N.D.I.A but India is not with you. The country is with Prime Minister Modi’. In fact, recently Mamta Banerjee had said in one of her statements that BJP’s farewell is certain in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and PM Modi has only six months left as Prime Minister.

Sukant Majumdar talked about the implementation of CAA and said that ‘CAA will continue to be implemented and Mamta Banerjee will not be able to stop it. The people of Bengal know about your corruption and will vote you out of power in the coming times.

Earlier, Mamta Banerjee met various Imams at Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata. During this, Mamta Banerjee said that religion should not be mixed with politics. Mamta Banerjee claimed that ‘she is not worried about the BJP and she will ensure that no religion fights with other religions’. Mamta Banerjee said that ‘I kept fast in the month of Ramzan, so they made fun of my picture. BJP changed my name too but it doesn’t matter to me.

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