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No Fear No Favour

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Success Tips

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Success Tips

Unsuccessful people aren’t successful because they haven’t managed to rid themselves of all their flaws, weaknesses and poor habits. Rather, successful people have gotten to know themselves so well that they sense any potential stupid decisions before they make them. They then outsmart themselves and don’t give themselves the chance to make those mistakes.

Staying focused and on track shouldn’t be a constant game of tug-of-war with the self. It’s difficult to make good decisions when we are caught up in the moment, but if we can foresee possible deviations from our chosen paths, we can avoid them altogether, making staying on track much easier.

First off, why should you even be a step ahead? It will make you prepared for anything. To be a good leader, intern, employee or basically any role in life, you need to be prepared for every situation. Be quick on your feet; it will make you an asset.  it will get you everywhere in life. It shows how you think ahead, plan and stay organized.

Life doesn’t have to be hard if you plan ahead. It’s not planning and “going with the flow” that washes us away with the current. If you want to get things done, if you want to be successful and happy with yourself, then do yourself a favor and outsmart yourself.

So here are some steps, which we will give you to take the right decision in your life – 

Avoid the poor choice

The easiest way is to avoid the poor choice in the first place. If you know that you have a lot of work to do tomorrow and need to be up early, then don’t think that you can go out. If you know that you need to buckle down to get work done, avoid friends who are party animals altogether. If they are very close friends, then they will understand why you are distancing yourself; if they’re not good friends, then what does it really matter if you keep them in your social circle?

Statistically, people are happier with a handful of friends, anyway. Learn to say no to situations that will lead you to make bad decisions and you will be pleasantly surprised at your increase in productivity.

To be with good people and avoid bad things

Surrounding yourself with the right people is extremely important — as is customizing your environment to minimize bad decisions and maximize good ones. If you need to get work done but are easily distracted by the Internet, then either turn off your wireless router while you are working, or download an app that allows you to virtually turn it off for a set period of time.

So, Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and removing the bad will allow you to make better decisions a majority of the time.

Don’t be become hopeless

Falling down is not bad things. The important thing to remember is that you are only human. You will give into your weaknesses and you will make poor decisions from time to time, but that’s okay. Beating ourselves up for making bad decisions doesn’t do us any good. It stunts the learning process; it discourages us, and it sometimes even causes us to overcompensate.

Life is a learning process. The important thing is to always get yourself back on track and take it from where you left off. The faster you get back to your plan, the longer you will stay on track until you slip again. Eventually, you will change your habits entirely and no longer feel the urge to make those poor decisions you once used to make.

This is how you change yourself. You learn about yourself and learn how to outsmart yourself. You trick yourself into making good decisions until you no longer need to put forth that conscious effort anymore. To succeed, you need to be persistent and relentless, not flawless. Perfection is only something to strive for, not to attain.

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