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Study claims that sad music soothe one’s mind and heart when lonely

Why do people listen to sad or sad music… So far it has been believed that sad music makes us sad, but in reality, it helps us to connect with the memories of our beautiful moments. Recent research has claimed that we don’t want to be sad in real life, but we definitely want to feel that emotion through music.

Researcher and psychologist Dr. Joshua Nobb of Yale University say – people have two concepts for something at the same time. One real and the other virtual. The same goes for sad songs. These songs take you deep into memories but do not make you sad.

This research on sad songs by Dr. Nobb and his former student and cognitive scientist Tara Venkatesan is published in the Journal of Aesthetic Education. In this, he told that it is not necessary that a happy song should make you happy or that a sad song should make you sad. Actually, sad songs also help to come out of negative feelings. They provide the listener with the ability to express feelings, reduce stress, and provide companionship and comfort in times of loneliness. Researchers say, ‘Overall, sad music helps us to cope with the situation.

More importantly, sad music reassures us that there is nothing wrong with what we feel. Heart-touching tunes set us right, making us feel that what we’re feeling is natural and human.

It motivates us to move forward in life.’ Music psychologist Patrik Jaslin of Uppsala University, Sweden, says, ‘Painful music comes with a kind of pleasure that, like everyday sad feelings, is directly related to loss. Does not deliver On the contrary, it allows the listener to enjoy the feeling of sadness. Also gives a feeling of real connection.

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