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Skull Protest By Tamil Nadu Farmers Enters 39th Day. Drinks Their Own Urine.

Tamil Nadu farmers protest at Jantar Mantar had entered its 39th day. The protest, which started from 13th of March, had been taking a momentum since then. In a  mark of protest and to pressurise the government, Rahul Gandhi, too, joined the protest for a day.

However, the protest took an ugly today when the farmers started to drink their own urine. They also threatened the government that if their demands were not met, they will start eating their own stool.


To give a background, the farmers are protesting in the capital for drought relief package and to waive the loans of peasants from Tamil Nadu.

Owing to the bad monsoon and drought conditions, several farmers allegedly committed suicide in the state. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) sought a detailed report from Tamil Nadu on farmer suicides based on media reports that estimated 106 farmer deaths within a month in Tamil Nadu.

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