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Singer Couple Beyonce And Jay Z Might Have Dropped The Names Of Their New Kids

35-year-old American singer Beyonce and the American rapper Jay-Z were blessed with her new twins. They left the hospital after a week coming back to their home to welcome twins in their family.

Together with husband Jay-Z, the duo is the most dominant and successful pair in the music industry. Beyonce, who already have a beautiful daughter Blue Ivy, now aged five, added the twins in her family members.

She was already trying to have a child from years and now she is happy to finally welcome his adorable twins. The singer gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl and happy to get back home after she gets ensured by the doctors that the babies are healthy and strong, as the babies were being treated for jaundice and were born prematurely.

Well, Beyonce has finally revealed their babies names, Sean and Bea. The twins names are really lovable and winning. The baby boy Sean ‘gift from God’ and the Baby Girl Bea pronounced as ‘bee’ is the ‘Mixture of Beauty.’ These African names are such ravishing and cute, but yes, of course, they are still not officially announced by the mum and dad.

We can say these adorable twins may have such a beautiful and bomb ass life and blessed to have superstar parents!

By: Rinki Chauhan

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