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Shocking ! Pigeons are being trained to be drug peddlers

Pigeons are known for their invaluable services for sending messages across borders, be it letter or telegrams  the birds have, for long, posed as messengers, carrying love letters in the times where Internet had not taken birth!

A shocking incident has came into light where pigeons are being trained to be drug peddlers.

According to Al Arabiya, Kuwait customs has seized narcotic 178 pills from a backpack that was wrapped around a homing pigeon which is believed to be coming from Iraq.

As shocking as it sounds, reports suggests, the pigeon was caught above a building near the customs’ department in Abdali province near Iraq’s border.

It’s not clear what type of pills the pigeon was carrying.

It isn’t the first time a bird has been nabbed for smuggling narcotics.

In 2015 guards at a Costa Rican prison reportedly caught a bird flying cocaine and weed into the jail.

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