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Shocking!! Leaked Audio Of Obama & Trump’s Phone Calls. Listen Carefully.

The Presidential election of The United States was the matter of talk, not only for The America but also for the world. The U.S hasn’t seen so much divided on the vote front before as it was seen this time. Both the candidate tried all their tactics to sit on the throne by wooing different layers of the society in The U.S, but only one emerged the ultimate winner, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, who is better known for making racist remarks, sexist comments, and what not.

Amidst these, the silent rivalry of former President Barack Obama and Donald Trump is also not hidden from the public domain. To add to that, here’s a telephonic conversation of the two having a funny talk, which you can’t afford to miss. Check out the video here.

DISCLAIMER: The audio is just a work of fiction, readers are advised to take it with a pinch of HUMOUR

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