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Shocking Facts About Vladimir Putin You Don’t Know!

By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pic Credit: Getty Images.

March 14, 2022(New Delhi): Russian President Vladimir Putin is making headlines across the globe after its invasion of Ukraine. After almost Eighteen days of war and aggression since February after Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine. Civilians of Ukraine have been facing a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’. Vladimir Putin became President of Russia in 1999 and he continues the term till 2008. Putin also became Prime Minister after his two consecutive terms as President. From 2012 till the present he is serving as the President of Russia. Surprisingly, he served 15 years of his life as a ‘Foreign Intelligence Expert’ in a Russian security agency, KGB. However, In 1990, Putin retired from the KGB service.

In Picture: Shocking Facts About Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin build a global image of Russia as a superhero after showing its valor and courage. In 2014, Putin annexed Crimea and started its expansion of Russia to Middle East Countries. Also after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia started provoking sepratist uprising in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in Eastern Ukraine. People of these areas in Ukraine still have national sentiments for Russia. Interestingly, Putin’s parents got married at the age of 17. His father fought World War Second where he was injured badly and being disabled by a grenade.

In Picture: Ukraine President Zelenskyy and Russian President Putin.

It is very astonishing to notice that Putin’s early life was full of traumas and difficulties as his mother was trapped and nearly starved to death during World War Second. Also, his father was being physically disabled after getting injured in the war. After the end of World War Two, Putin’s father started work in a factory and his mother swept local streets in unhygienic conditions. Shockingly, his two brothers were killed during the war in infancy and these traumas made Putin a rude and whimsical child. Putin got selected in Leningrad school where only bright pupils were given admission. In his childhood, Putin used to be a rude child throwing chalkboard erasers at students and arguing with elders and gym teachers. Since childhood, he wanted to join martial arts and to join Russian security agency, KGB.

In Picture: Vladimir Putin with his pets.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Putin expressed his love for Beatles and pets. He loves dogs, horses, Siberian cranes, and bears. He has made numerous acts to save animals and for the protection of stray dogs. Putin also has a royal palace with a spa, gym, gardens, and greenery forest in Russia. Putin is famous for his military intelligence and for heavy nuclear weapons.

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