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Shocking ! Cobra swallowed plastic bottle by mistake !

Several Studies have revealed that, reusage of plastic bottles are not safe to use.

They are hazardous for health, and might cause cancer to anyone.

After all, it’s ridiculous (economically and environmentally) to constantly buy bottled water only to throw the bottle away each time. And even if you end up reusing those bottles, they could still potentially be harmful due to the leaching of chemicals into the water.

A shocking video has came into light, where a cobra is struggling to split the plastic bottle.

Localites told that the Cobra might have got confused over rodent as a plastic bottle.

This incident took place in Goa

Wildlife rescuer Goutham Bhagat said: ‘When I saw the snake with a bulge in its stomach. I thought the cobra must have swallowed something big that it was not able to digest.  But I didn’t have an idea that it would would spit out an empty soft drinks bottle.’

While, plastic has pushed several animals to the brink of extinction. Many die after ingesting it.

Here is the full video :-




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