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Shocking: Aircraft crashed in Azamgarh due to bad weather condition, pilot dead

A 4-seater aircraft crashed and fell on the farm in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh on Monday. A trainee pilot died in the accident. The pilot jumped with a parachute, but could not save his life. The pilot is identified as Konark Saran. Bad weather is said to be the cause of the accident.

The dead body of a pilot found in a field 400 meters away The accident took place at around 11.30 am on Monday in the Manjit Patti Kushan area of ​​Saraimir area of ​​Azamgarh district. According to eyewitnesses, at about 11:20 am, an aircraft was seen falling into the field staggering in the sky. It was on fire. Smoke was emitting, explosion also occurred.

At the time of the accident, the pilot jumped through the parachute, but could not escape. The pilot’s body was found 400 meters away on the farm. A crowd of people gathered on the spot after the accident. Police also arrived after receiving information.

Flight took off from Fursatganj:

Aircraft TB-20 flew from Mau to Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy, Fursatganj in Amethi. After circling to Mau it was to return. The aircraft was a 4 seater. The trainee pilot was alone in this. At 11.11, the aircraft lost contact with ATC.

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