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No Fear No Favour

SheWings Foundation, Radico, and Braithwaite have started a months-long activity for Swasth Mahila, Khushhal Desh.

Shewings foundation

Bhangel, [12/02/24]: Girls from Kanya Inter College in Bhangel received a powerful message about menstrual health and hygiene today. Thanks to the Shewings Foundation and their partners. The program, supported by Radico Khaitan and its COO, Amar Sinha. Along with the Breathwaite team, and attracted over 3,000 women and was a resounding success!

Anshika Sharma, the anchor from the Shewings Foundation team, brilliantly hosted the event, keeping the energy high and engaging throughout, which was really loved by the audience. Yuganshi Kapoor took the stage for a technical session packed with information about menstrual health. Dr. Priyanka Gupta followed, emphasizing the importance of hygiene practices for overall well-being. Nitish Kumar Shah then shed light on choosing the right sanitary pads, ensuring informed choices for the girls.

Shewings foundation
Shewings foundation

A Day of Celebration, Empowerment, and Learning

But the day wasn’t just about lectures! The students captivated the audience with a vibrant cultural program featuring dance performances, uplifting songs, and even a powerful poem about women’s empowerment. The school principal shared encouraging words, and Anjali Singh delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks. The fun didn’t stop there! The children actively participated in a general knowledge quiz, testing their understanding and making the learning process truly enjoyable. Everyone left with smiles, not only from the entertainment but also from the valuable knowledge gained.

Adding further weight to the program, esteemed officials from the Uttar Pradesh government graced the event with their presence. District administration officers of Noida, along with prominent doctors and health enthusiasts, lent their voices to the importance of menstrual health awareness. Their participation signified the growing recognition of this crucial issue and their commitment to supporting initiatives like this.

“Our goal was to create awareness about menstrual health in a fun and engaging way,” shared the chief planning officer Mr Shivendra Pandey from the Shewings Foundation. “Seeing the children actively participate, ask questions, and enjoy the program fills us with immense satisfaction. We are grateful to Radico Khaitan, the Breathwaite team, and everyone who made this event possible.”

And to top it all off, the school students received gifts from the foundation, making the day even more memorable. Moreover this initiative by the Shewings Foundation, supported by their partners, proved that learning about menstrual health can be both informative and enjoyable, paving the way for a healthier and more empowered future for young girls.

About Shewings Foundation:

The Shewings Foundation works tirelessly to empower women and children, focusing on education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives. With programs like this, they are creating positive change in communities across India.

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