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SheWings Foundation Organizes Menstrual Hygiene Camp in Noida

Menstrual Hygiene and raising awareness about the importance of using sanitary pads,

SheWings Foundation recently organized a camp in Noida. The event saw collaboration with renowned organizations such as Clovia, Oil India Limited, and Braithwaite & Co. Ltd.

The primary focus of the camp was to support housemaids and housewives in adopting healthier practices during their menstrual cycles. The initiative aimed to eliminate the prevalent taboo surrounding menstruation and encourage women to make informed choices for a more comfortable period experience.

Participants at the camp were educated about the potential health risks associated with using cloth during menstruation and were urged to say no to traditional methods. Instead, the emphasis was on embracing sanitary pads, which offer a more hygienic and comfortable solution for women during their periods.

  • Clovia, a leading lingerie and intimate wear brand, contributed to the camp by providing Essential.

The event included informative sessions, interactive workshops, and the distribution of sanitary pads to ensure that women have access to the necessary resources for a positive and healthy period experience. SheWings Foundation believes that empowering women with knowledge about menstrual hygiene will not only contribute to their well-being but also help break the societal taboos surrounding menstruation.

By fostering partnerships with industry leaders like Clovia, Oil India Limited, and Braithwaite & Co. Ltd, SheWings Foundation hopes to create a lasting impact on the lives of women in Noida and beyond. The collaborative efforts aim to make menstrual hygiene a priority and encourage women to choose sanitary pads for a more hygienic and comfortable period journey.

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