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SheWings foundation conducts a workshop for the frontline workers and Covid Warriors: Click to know more

Theodore Roosevelt once quoted ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are’ and this pandemic, we see several people, foundations, and NGOs joining hands together to step up as knight in shining armour to save lives. Everyone in their means, connections, and resources are trying to infuse a chain of efforts and help, may it be small or big. Every individual is dedicated enough to show their stalwart nature. These individuals come from various socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and still have not stopped working from day one.

One such foundation is SheWings Foundation, they have been active since as long as one can remember. Be it twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, SheWings is using all their power to amplify resources and furnish assistance. 

They have conducted workshops and has circulated medical equipment’s like life saving kits with PPE and Face Shields, gloves, and Face masks etc. Recently, a workshop was held by them in Century Apartments, Noida with the help of the RWA team President Pavan Yadav. The workshop consisted of how one can use these equipment’s and how one can be safe and keep others safe as well. Along with this, they have reached out to several places to conduct such workshops. They have also connected themselves with frontline workers, below poverty line people, and Covid Warriors!


SheWings says ‘there are frontline workers and Covid Warriors working without taking a single break in the day and care for us. So, it is our duty to help these people in return.’ This one statement by them really ignites the true meaning of how the things one aspires to do, no matter what resources they have and where they arecan take place. The small efforts made by such foundations will create huge victories of giving something back to the society. Such foundations like SheWings really makes us familiar with the feeling of selflessness, kindness, generosity and much more! One can reach out to SheWings Foundation through their Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the hour of the need, and they will get back to you in a second!

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