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No Fear No Favour


There is no coherent philosophy or plan for the “good” world Tories hope to bring about by pursuing evil, destructive policies – because they don’t value good things at all. Instead, the Tories are just evil because they like being evil, and to this extent think that it is good. Perhaps they are all committed Nietzscheans, and as such conceive life as an endless struggle by the powerful to express their will over the powerless. As the self-consciously powerful, the “natural party of government”, the Tories will always actively want to do things that seem – to weak people like us, with our “slave morality” – like they’re bad.

Kundalini is described by American comparative religions scholar Joseph Campbell as a latent female energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine. Kiki guides into a position that she says will “raise” hers. she had heard of kundalini yoga before. With her arms at my side and my head and legs raised six inches off the floor when she’s talked through a few to visualizations that Kiki says will help later on. Another exercise entails gazing into each other’s eyes—an intense experience with anyone, let alone a witchy stranger in a bikini—and culminates with each of us placing our palms over the other’s heart and taking turns “shooting energy” into each other.

Kiki was so impossibly kind and lovely toward her that she may have convinced her to feel something, but in truth, she was just psyched to be locking bodies with another nearly naked person.

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