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Shah Rukh Khan’s Chit-Chat Session on Twitter

During a recent chit-chat session on his Twitter handle, Shah Rukh Khan engaged with his fans, answering various questions in his unique and humorous style. The session lasted for 15 minutes, during which Shah Rukh addressed queries ranging from his eating habits to his personal life. One particular interaction with a fan caught the attention of the popular food delivery app, Swiggy.

A fan asked Shah Rukh, “Khana Khaya Kya Bhai?” (translation: “Have you had your meal, brother?”). In his witty response, Shah Rukh humorously remarked, “Kyun bhai aap Swiggy se ho… bhej doge kya?” (translation: “Why, brother, are you from Swiggy? Will you send it?”). Swiggy, quick to seize the opportunity, playfully replied, “We are from Swiggy; send it.”

Taking the banter a step further, the Swiggy team actually reached Shah Rukh’s residence, Mannat, with dinner. A picture of seven delivery boys standing outside Mannat’s house, carrying food, was shared on Swiggy’s Twitter handle. The caption accompanying the picture read, “Hum Swiggy wale hain hum dinner lekar aa gaye” (translation: “We are from Swiggy, and we have brought dinner”).

Shah Rukh Khan’s Film ‘Jawan’

During the live session, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans expressed their excitement about his upcoming film, ‘Jawan.’ Responding to their queries, Shah Rukh revealed that ‘Jawan’ would be released on September 7, allowing fans to catch the film in their nearest cinema halls. Following the success of ‘Pathan,’ fans eagerly await Shah Rukh Khan’s next cinematic venture.

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