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Sending Good Morning Messages may ban your WhatsApp Account

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20 October, 2022 (New Delhi): WhatsApp is a platform of instant messages and voice-over-internet protocol service. More than 5 billion people over the world use it to stay in touch with family, friends, business colleagues at anytime and anywhere. It is a free cross platform messaging service. Users use WhatsApp for exchange texting messages, photo, audio and video messages with others across the globe for free. But as we all know some users unknowingly spamming your contacts, forwarding unverified information or overusing WhatsApp’s broadcast lists.

Are ‘Good Morning’ texts a problem?

Since these activities are quite prevalent on the messaging application and that is one reason why WhatsApp has ban Indian accounts. Sending too many ‘Good Morning’ texts on WhatsApp can get you account banned. Yes, that’s true .You can actually get banned for doing that. WhatsApp can count it as spam and the app does take down accounts that demonstrate these activities like even forwarding unverified information. It can be considered spam by WhatsApp, and the programme does delete accounts that engage in unusual behaviour, such as forwarding unconfirmed material. According to WhatsApp’s monthly user safety report, over 2.3 million Indian accounts were banned.

Since the volume of messages is extremely high, it is not possible for a human moderator to keep tabs on the messages that are violating the company’s terms of service. WhatsApp asks its users to avoid automated or bulk messages or users have to check and recheck before forwarding messages or you should get permission from contacts before adding them into the group. If you add someone to a group and they remove themselves, then honour their decision. WhatsApp also mention that send messages to those who have contacted you first or have requested you to contact them on WhatsApp. Remember that breaking WhatsApp Terms of Service which includes publishing false information, intimidating, harassing behavior, among others, is the cause of an account ban.

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