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Selling Books as Cheap as 10 rs Wow!, The Book Shop in Lajpat Bhawan is The Place To Go!

what is the cheapest book you have ever bought, or correctly asked what was the price of the last book you bought?  I may help you with that, the minimum of a book costs around 250. What if you get the same book for the cheapest price available. Are you a book lover! Then this place is surely the right place for you, it offers books at the minimum price of 10, what better than that you get as the offer.

So Delhi discovered this new bookshop in town, and your pile is only about to increase. Simply called ‘Book Shop’, the bookstore is situated inside Lajpat Bhawan near the Moolchand metro station. it really has an old world charm around it, with books costing as little as Rs 10 (the old ones especially), and fresh copies of the latest bestsellers too. Decent 50 Shades of Grey copy is available for just Rs 150!

If the sheer space that you suddenly find yourself in is not a surprise reprieve, a library filled with people and books, a little bookshop almost like in children’s story books, diagnostic centres with rate lists that you thought no more exist in the city, a busy relief counter for the needy, and a women’s centre with a unit that sells only hand-pounded spices, are the other abiding features that Lajpat Bhawan can throw at you. And yes, there is a school inside it too.

Well, there we were, so many like me, who just took Lajpat Bhawan to be a building that only hosts a sale of shirts and trousers from time to time!

Its library has over 60,000 books. Many people go there every day to read newspapers, also to make use of preparatory books for competitive exams. Some students from nearby come here to study because of lack of space and silence in their home

Something that is really impressive about the store is the sheer variety of books in stock – right from really old classics to the B-novels and some new ones too, stacked side by side in an unorganised manner. The books are by the thousands and if it pleases you, you can sit here and go through all of them and come up with a bunch of your which you could read or buy.

As for the public libraries on our high streets, they’re either being closed, or their book fund is being cut, having probably been starved for years anyway Certainly, publishers are worried that books may be becoming less visible as we go about our daily business. There are fewer chances for us to catch a shop-window glimpse of the debut novel by the exciting new author they’re desperate for us to discover, or to stumble across the cult writer on the table inside.

And if we’re not seeing books as often as we did, there’s a fear that out of sight is out of mind. Meanwhile, for people who love browsing – that most traditional book lover’s pleasure – the squeeze on the high street is very unwelcome. How can you immerse yourself in the world of books – trawling shelves, leafing through volumes, thumbing pages, discovering an author you never knew you wanted to read until they fell into your hand – if a visit to a well-stocked shop becomes a rare luxury?

The most unforgettable aspect of this place is the homely and unkempt vibe of it. To top it all, their collection entails a fee manuscripts as well. Amazing! It’s like your very own bookstore. You can sit here for hours in search of the perfect book that you want or donate your books and volunteer to help them out too as they always welcome new volunteers.

the store remains open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 10.30 am and 1 pm. The store also invites contributions from your own book collection. So if you like the place, you could spread the cheer by sharing some of your own favourite books.


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