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See pics: World Toilet Day, here’s why Indian’s need to take it seriously

With much fanfare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his most dreamt scheme ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan’ under which the promise of making India free from defecating in the open by building toilets for the people.

Ahead of World Toilet Day, and 70 years of Independence, open defecation still remains a serious business in India. With over 60.4% of the population still without access to sanitation. These pictures reveal why toilets remain an important issue in the country.

1. When you have to catch the train at the same time

2. When you have to promote Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan as well.

3. When you have to promote Digital India as well

4. When Gabbar also starts talking some sense.

5. P K was there

6. When you know Indian’s habit of ‘doing’ anywhere

7. Words of wisdom

8. And finally when stars have to tell where the toilet is located

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