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Sedition Charges Slapped For Celebrating India’s Defeat In Champions Trophy.

Madhya police take shelter of sedition provisions to punish 15 youths for celebrating the defeat of India in the finals against Pakistan in the just-concluded Champions Trophy cricket tournament held in Oval, Britain.

Madhya Pradesh police arrested 15 Muslims in Mohad, which is nearly 24 km from the Burhanpur district headquarter and slapped much-abused sedition charges against them for allegedly celebrating Pakistan’s victory against India in the finals of the Champions Trophy.

These youths were arrested on Monday evening on charges of shouting slogans in favor of Pakistan and bursting crackers. The accused would be produced before the court on Tuesday.

The accused have been booked under 120B (punishment for criminal conspiracy) and 124A (sedition) of IPC.
This news brings to light the narrow-mindedness of some people. The 15 accused were only celebrating, and celebration means joy. Others, most probably, saw it as an act of aggression and did not find it appropriate.

There is always the situation of win and loss in a game. What happens if India doesn’t win for once? Does this mean that the winning team and their supporters cannot celebrate their victory? Is it written in the holy books that India has to win every time in every situation?

This is ridiculous as to what the police did. To arrest people under the act of sedition does not make any sense!! Do the police even know what sedition truly is? They need to consult dictionaries to get the proper meaning!! How can celebrating a victory, a joyous occasion for something, happen to be sedition?

There is only one thing left to say. People should not be harassed for petty things and everyone’s views and beliefs should be respected, come what may.

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