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Scientists claims every hour of running gives you an extra 7 hour of life

Health is wealth is one of the famous proverbs which we all have listened. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. No one can deny this fact if we are not healthy there will be no happiness, no peace and no success. A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy.

Health is more valuable than money. Money cannot buy health and happiness.

There are several exercises to keep you healthy, among them running is the most productive exercise.

Every hour you run, it extends your life span by seven hours, a new study has revealed.

Scientists say that running just one hour a week is the most effective exercise to increase life expectancy.

The researchers have claimed no matter how many miles or how fast you run, but for those who take this advice to heart and run regularly, they say you can extend your life span by up to three years.

The study, conducted at Iowa State University, reanalyzed data from The Cooper Institute, in Texas, and also examined results from a number of other recent studies that looked at the link between exercise and mortality.

Scientists found at whatever pace or mileage a person run, his risk of premature death dropped by 40 percent when he or she took up running.

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