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Sceptical about boyfriend cheating her; Woman asked on Quora and people are dubious

A woman has turned to the internet for help after her boyfriend allegedly claimed he “accidentally” slept with her roommate.

She asked users on the website Quora:

“My boyfriend claims he accidentally penetrated my roommate while sleeping, thinking it was me. How can I know if he’s telling the truth?”

She claims her friend was asleep on her bed when it happened, for reasons she doesn’t know – and said the two of them do “look identical” and her boyfriend was a bit drunk.

She added that her boyfriend often penetrates her while she’s sleeping, but that it’s “an agreed-upon thing”, and that she and her friend are of an identical height, weight and hair type.

The boyfriend allegedly said he realised something was wrong three or four minutes in, “jumped off, said sorry and walked out”.

Naturally, such a worrying story has divided the internet.

Some users say he’s lying, with one commenting:

You don’t accidentally penetrate someone. Sleeping or not.

Another added:

Honey, there is no bloody way your beau unintentionally penetrated your roommate It is impossible. There are steps to this. In order for a young lady to be penetrated, she must be lubricated if not it will hurt.

And another:

I really don’t get what your boyfriend means by ‘accidental’ here, not to mention both parties will have to have their pants removed for the encounter to happen.

One user says it could have been “sexsomnia,” which is where a person’s conscious brain is disengaged, like sleepwalking, and they engage in sexual acts.

But, she writes:

Sexsomnia is rare, and engaging in full intercourse without waking is even more unusual.

Claiming that you were asleep is obviously a very convenient excuse if you are accused of assault or cheating, so I would be sceptical of your boyfriend’s claim.

One user put it this way:

What was the roommate’s reaction? There can be two possibilities:

She’s calm like she had consented the act.
She is devastated because she was just raped.
You don’t wanna be with either one of these guys. Accident? I don’t think so, Mr Shady.

Plus you can tell if a girl if your girlfriend or not by touching her, after being with her for many weeks or months or years. And if he did forget your touch, he’s not someone you should have by your side.

Other users advised the woman to get away from her boyfriend as fast as possible.

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