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Salman Khan ridicules IIFA Host Siddharth Kannan, asking him to ‘Keep Quiet’ as he get so damn bored

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Salman Khan at the IIFA Awards 2022.

June 4, 2022 (New Delhi): Salman Khan has a record history of controversies and specially in the award shows and press conferences. Recently another controversy has surpassed when ‘Bhaijaan’ was attending the famous IIFA Awards. This time Salman has made headlines when he encountered the IIFA host, Siddharth Kanan and humiliating the host at the press conference of IIFA is something which is not appreciated by his fans too.

In Picture: Salman Khan in a angry mode.

Khan attended the press conference where Siddharth Kannan was hosting and introduced the star. And soon after his introduction, Salman got annoyed and was not in a very good mood. In response to the host’s introduction, he said, “Hello Namaste, Salam Alaikum, sat Sri Akal, kemcho, adab, assalamualaikum…keep quiet!” Asking the host to shut it for no valid reason. This reaction was quite shocking for everyone watching Salman and his fans certainly didn’t like the way he treated him further after that.

Picture Credit: Getty Images.

Taking a dig at the host, Salman Khan said, “He’s bored us to death. How do you manage to do these things, So much, So, much…”Kannan responded saying, “Aapse he sikha hai sir” ( I have learnt this from you). To this, the actor replied “Mujhse itna kuch seekh liya tumne..” After seeing the discussion going in a very wrong direction, Siddharth Kannan changed the subject to how this is a very important day and his fans have been waiting for him. However, the actor continued, “Ye IIFA wale bhi nahi mante, har ek IIFA mai isko leke aate hai, it is that, wo lull hai na before the storm that you guys are going to create tomorrow, that, ye lull period hai iska.” (These IIFA folks don’t listen. They bring him back every time. He is that calm before that storm which you guys are going to create tomorrow).” However netizens are trolling Salman Khan for his bad and a weird behaviour with the host at IIFA Awards 2022.

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