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Running Behind 3 Hours Late, Tejas Express Reaches Destination A Minute Early.

In India, trains seldom reach on time and if they start late which most of the time, they do, one is bound to wait as the train gets late by hours. But Tejas Express set another precedent this time and despite starting its journey 3 hours late than the scheduled departure reached a minute before the scheduled arrival.

Commuters at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus were surprised when they saw Tejas Express arrive a minute ahead of schedule on Sunday, despite leaving the Karmali station in Goa after a three-hour delay.

The train had left Goa at 10:30 am and travelled 750 km to reach Mumbai at 7:44 pm. This was the first journey of this express under new monsoon timetable and from now on, it will run thrice a week from Mumbai and will return from Goa next day.

The late arrival of the empty coach from Mumbai led to the delay in train’s departure. Though it had reached Kudal two hours and 17 minutes late. But from there onwards, it started to cover up the time. It reached Ratnagiri an hour late and at Panvel, it arrived after a delay of 14 minutes.

In order to make up for the lost time, the train travelled at 153 kmph between Karmali and Kudal, at 137 kmph between Kudal and Ratnagiri and 125 kmph between Ratnagiri and Panvel.

(This report was published in India Times)

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