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Rs 20,000 reward announced for Rampur Nawab’s Missing Parrot which used to skype

A missing parrot which was able to Skype has set Rs 20,000 as a reward for those who find him. The parrot has suddenly became the topic in the whole town of UP’s Rampur area.

 It belongs to former Rampur’s royal family’s heiress Sanam Ali Khan, the parrot used to live in their Khas Bagh Palace until last week.

“Mitthu alias Paulie, used to Skype with my Canada based sister and also used to ask about its favourite dry fruits”, Khan said. When asked about how the name came, “we named it after an award-winning movie Paulie 1998”, she said.

According to her it was carelessness of the caretaker that it flew away. While her brother Sahabzada Salman Ali Khan said, “It  is a great family loss, family had grown fully fond of Mitthu. I pray for its safe return”.

“The parrot used to  speak to people unlike other parroting few lines. The whole family was fond of the parrot and if anyone finds the parrot,  I’ll reward them with Rs 20,000”, she said. The photos of the parrot are being shared over the social media.

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