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Research shows that alcohol helps in speaking better english


People who find it very difficult to speak English actually speak English fluently while they are drunk. It has been shown that alcohol can actually make people to overcome nervousness and hesitation.

It does affect negatively on memory and attention but it results in a overconfidence and inflated self – evaluation. People still had difficulty in believing the fact. To make them understand it scientifically, British and Dutch researchers conducted an experiment.

The excitement turned out to be a success as people did speak in a fluent English after consuming a low dose of alcohol. The study got also published in this week’s Journal of Psychopharmacology.

Around 50 native Germans were choosed who had passed a proficiency exam in the language for the study. Half of them were given water and half of them were given an alcoholic beverage. The amount of alcohol varied based on the person’s weight.

The conversation between those people was recorded. The fluency of those who had alcohol was better than that of the people who had water. The performance was rated according to those who listened to the recording.

Ratings for pronunciations, grammar, vocabulary and argumentation was also similar between the groups. The author point out that the level of alcohol in the study was low but if the level increases it may have an opposite reaction.

The author also said that the study should be done in every country, to show that the results are not unique to native Germans or Dutch learning people.

In 1972, a similar study was conducted where it was seen that a small dose of alcohol improved American’s pronunciation of words in Thai.

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