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Rejoice Office Goers, August Brings In The Longest Weekend Holidays With It

What’s that one thing which would make you excited? Holidays, right? And as August kicks in, it feels like the box of surprise has just kicked in. Why we are talking so? The long weekends of August awaits you. August is giving you a chance to go for that trip which you have been planning for so long with your friends. The long and relaxing weekends, which everyone has wished, are finally here. How? We are here to help you.

The southern states of India will be celebrating Varamahalakshmi festival ( restricted holiday) on Friday and the North Indians will celebrate Raksha Bandhan on Monday. As both falls under restricted holidays across the country, people opting for any one or both will be benifitted.

Taking a leave on Monday, August 14, would result in the holiday streak from August 12 to 15.

After the weekend of August 12-13, the next two days are Janmashtami and Independence. Take an off on Wednesday and you could avail Holiday of Jamshed navroz (Parsi New Year), a restricted holiday on Thursday, August 17. Another day off on Friday and you into the next weekend.

Similarly, Ganesh Chaturthi, which falls on August 25, a Friday creates yet another opportunity for a relaxed three-day weekend. August seems to be a promising month with tons of time to relax and utilize the leaves.

So plan well ahead and enjoy!

List of holidays

1. August 4, Friday: Varamahalakshmi festival (Restricted Holiday)

2. August 5, Saturday: Weekend

3. August 6, Sunday: Weekend

4. August 7, Monday: Raksha Bandhan (Restricted Holiday)

5. August 12, Saturday: Weekend

6. August 13, Sunday: Weekend

7. August 14, Monday: Janmashtami (Restricted Holiday)

8. August 15, Tuesday: Independence Day (National Holiday)

9. August 16, Wednesday: Take the day off.

10. August 17, Thursday: Parsi New Year (Mumbai only)

11. August 18, Friday: Take the day off.

12. August 19, Saturday: Weekend

13. August 20, Sunday: Weekend

14. August 25, Friday: Ganesh Chathurthi

15. August 26, Saturday: Weekend

16. August 27, Sunday: Weekend

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