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Readers Panned Ivanka Trump’s Book “Women On Work” On Amazon.

Recently a book “Women Who Work” was published by Ivanka Trump for professional women. The book for about 256 pages was aimed to inspire women in the work place, a matter which is a passion project for the daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

According to the Amazon reviews, the book which costs £16.99 is just a waste of money as received only one and a half star on Amazon, based on 30 customer reviews.

The readers review it as

“If I could give it a zero star I would,”

“Utter vapid drivel. From a woman who’s never had to work a day in her life, and reads like it too.”

“‘Honestly, I wasn’t treating myself to a massage …’ Good grief. She has no idea what struggle and working really hard actually means.”

“Well, reading this was an hour of my life I will never get back. Don’t bother. Read something great, like hidden figures instead.”

However, not all the critics hated the book.

Four of the 30 reviewers gave the book five stars, however, on closer inspection it can be deduced that one of these has been written ironically.

If you still want to know about the book here is the description of the book:

“Fifty percent of the world’s workforce is made up of women, yet the term “working women” is still used as if they’re an anomaly. Thanks in part to the generations of women who came before and fought hard to earn a seat at the table, today’s working women–among them, tens of millions of millennials–are able to do things differently. Disappearing are the days of face time for the sake of face time, 9-to-5 hours and perfectly mapped career paths.”

By: Simran Dhingra



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