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RBI ! 500 notes without gandhi image from SBI ATM! What’s the plan ?

Another case of Mahatma Gandhi’s image missing from new currency notes came to light, as a man hailing in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district received illegal tender when he withdrew money from an ATM

New currency notes without the image of Mahatma Gandhi have surfaced again in Madhya Pradesh.

In at least four Rs 500 notes — with features on the lines of those issued after demonetisation — dispensed from an SBI ATM in Morena late Friday night, Gandhi’s image was found missing. The serial numbers of the notes are 010788, 010789, 970788 and 970789.

This is the third such case since January in Madhya Pradesh. A few days ago in Sheopur, an ATM dispensed a note of Rs 2000 with missing image of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sharma told mediapersons, “I got the impression that only RBI would be able to address the issue. Hence, I will have to go to RBI to exchange the notes for none of my fault.”At the Morena ATM, one Gowardhan Sharma claimed he got the notes from the ATM. He said he immediately showed the notes to the guard on duty. The guard asked him to contact the bank on an emergency number. When he called on the given number, the call operator said his complaint had been registered and he had to wait for the Reserve Bank of India’s action in this regard.

The officers of SBI, Morena branch, declined to comment on the issue.

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