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Ranbir Kapoor reveals why sleeping with wife Alia Bhatt is a struggle

By: Divya Thearia

27 September 2022 (New Delhi): These days, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are in discussion about their film, Brahmastra. In many interviews, both have talked about the film. Many secrets have also been revealed about her personal life. One such secret Ranbir has told about Alia in an interview is

Ranbir is struggling because of Alia

Ranbir says that Alia’s sleeping position is very strange as he said “she does rounds all over the bed at night. In such a situation, I reach a corner. No matter how big the whole bed is, only one corner is available for me. I have to struggle daily with this habit of Alia’s. Ranbir said Alia had a habit.” Now it was Alia’s turn, and she said that she liked Ranbir’s calm and felt very bad too.

Alia is troubled by Ranbir’s silence

Alia’s talk was a bit confusing. While narrating the details, Alia said “Ranbir listens to my words calmly. This is his special thing. But when I feel he should speak in many places, it is necessary. He remains silent there too. In such a situation, his silence is very disturbing.” Both Alia and Ranbir are giving special moments to the fans by opening each other’s secrets. Many times, fans are very excited to learn about the personal life of the star.

 Ranbir Alia’s film is being liked a lot. Various things are also happening about this. It was also believed that the film had scope to do well. But there are many drawbacks. Someone called it a copy of Harry Potter. By the way, all these things and discussions have gone in favour of the film. People have gone to see it in the theatre. Brahmastra is now going to compete with two new films. Brahmastra’s global earnings have surpassed 400 crores. It has to be seen who gives how much competition in earnings. By the way, Vikram Vedha and Ponnian Selvan are both great movies. On one hand, there is action; on the other hand, there is a great story with a big budget. Now it has to be seen what the audience likes and how much loss and benefit Brahmastra gets.

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