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No Fear No Favour

Rajshekhar Patil journey from INR 2 thousand per month to successful entrepreneur.

50-year-old Rajasekhar says, ‘We had neither electricity nor we could get water for irrigation. That is why our village got its name Nipani. I tried my best for job, but when couldn’t found job i went to Anna Hazare in Ralegan. He needed some youth to work in the village. My selection was not done there either. I pleaded Anna to consider me for the post of water and soil conservative. He agreed and i was appointed as water and soil conservative at INR 2,000 per month.

Rajshekar hails from a decent family, he has 30 acre farming land in Nipani village but his land turn out to be worthless because his village is suffering from extreme drought. Post after getting appointed as water and soil conservative in Anna’s mission. He learnt ways and techniques to conserve water and make soil more fertile with less water consumption.

Today, Rajshekhar is doing bamboo farming in 54 acres and making major profit worths in crores. “I was 30-years old when i heard that my father is suffering from paralysis, i had no option other than to leave Anna’s mission and return home and take care of my family,” Rajshekhar added.

When i returned my home i decided to do farming to earn my family livelihood. Someone came and told me that a bamboo farmer is planning to destroy his 50 acres of bamboo because he was not able to draw better profit. I went to that farmer and purchased 10,000 bamboo plants and planted it in my farming land.

The planted bamboo’s took three-years to mature and when i sold it i made a handsome profit of 20 Lakhs in the first attempt. I decided to take bamboo farming to much broader level and acquired land from other farmers on contract basis. With due respect to time today i’m doing bamboo farming in more than 50acres and making profit in million. Rajshekhar adds, Spending time and joining Anna Hazare’s mission changed the way i use to thing and perceive life.”

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