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Rajkumar Rao – If I’m an actor today the reason behind is Shahrukh Khan, he is my true inspiration.

Actor Rajkumar Rao will be seen opposite Priyanka Chopra in his upcoming film, The White Tiger. During a recent interview, Rajkummar Rao spoke about his experience working with Priyanka in the film. During this, he described Shahrukh Khan as his idol. He said that the only reason for his becoming an actor is Shahrukh Khan. He has learned a lot from Shahrukh as an actor and a person. He says that Shahrukh Khan will always be his idol.

Shahrukh Khan is the reason why I’m actor:

During the interview, Rajkumar said, “Shah Rukh Khan will always be my idol. I became an actor only because of Shahrukh Sir. Seeing him on screen inspired me to come into the industry. That’s because I want to join his journey I have learned from them that if you have dreamed a dream and work for it with all your heart, then that dream will come true one day. We all know how charming they are and how they make everyone feel special. .

Rajkummar Rao met his idol, Shah Rukh Khan, after the success of the film ‘Queen’. Regarding his first meeting with Shah Rukh, Rajkumar said, “I was shooting in Mehboob Studio. At the same time, I heard that Shah Rukh Sir has also come there to shoot. Then I thought that it might be an opportunity for me I can meet him. I sent a message to him, I thought he would not know me. But he was fully aware of me.

They called me in their trailer. That day they made me feel very special. I was already his fan, but from that day on I became his biggest fan. I was very nervous during this whole meeting with him. Earlier I used to talk to his photo and now he was in front of me. I can’t tell what I felt by meeting them. “

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