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Radhe Maa is all set to star in ‘No Casting No Couch, Only Ouch’ web-series!

This news piece will probably shock you, or probably not as we have seen enough of it already. The controversial self-proclaimed God woman Radhe Maa is making her acting debut with ‘No Casting No Couch Only Ouch’ web-series.
According to one famous news portal, “Radhe Maa is all set to enter showbiz with a web series titled ‘No Casting No Couch Only Ouch? She will play herself and will be portrayed as the guiding light of the protagonist.”

Radhe Maa has always managed to grab spotlight but this news shocks even us. Radhe Maa has always been a part of several controversies and it is said that the self-proclaimed god woman wants to enter the showbiz world.

Producer of Ramman Hadda confirmed the news that Radhe Maa is indeed the part of the new web-series. Radhe Maa would play the character of a god woman who is guiding the spirit of the protagonist in the entire web series. The producer spoke about Radhe Maa’s character and said, “It is actually a way to make people meet the real Radhe Maa. To me, her name means ‘Rah De Maa’, which means, ‘Show us the way, mother’. And that is what she will do in the series; she plays the messenger of God, who brings the protagonist out of depression.”

He further added saying, “The shooting has already started, and Radhe Maa was apparently very comfortable in facing the camera. She was spontaneous and co-operative. It was easy because she was playing herself. The result has turned out to be good”.

What do you think about this news, are you excited to watch Radhe Maa’s new path?

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