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Rachel is Now Rajshri, Reveals Tejashwi Yadav About Wife. Their family disputes are one of the reasons for their Low-Key Wedding.

Written By Shivangi Chawla

Tejashwi Yadav Lalu Prasad’s younger son just married his long-time friend Rachel Godinho in a low-key affair. She is a Christian girl. Tejashwi Yadav sought to put behind him a bitter family feud that has erupted over his decision to marry a Christian girl, with his uncle Sadhu Yadav saying they will “boycott” him and “teach him a lesson”.

After reaching Bihar with his wife, who was dressed in red, Tejashwi revealed that Rachel has been rechristened as Rajshri by Lalu Prasad himself for the sake of ease of pronunciation.

The 32-year-old, who is the political heir of the RJD chief, also responded to his maternal uncle Sadhu Yadav’s objection to him marrying a Christian woman instead of within the Yadav caste. Calling it “misunderstanding”, he said he didn’t want to make personal comments on him as he still respects his uncle.

However, Tejashwi added that the new generation doesn’t like such beliefs and considers such ideas discriminatory.

“We are young people with new ideas and thoughts…when we talk about ending discrimination…we are Lohiaite and Samajwadi, there shouldn’t be any discrimination,” he said.

The leader also revealed why he chose to keep his wedding a low-key affair, unlike several of his colleagues who opted for lavish events. He said the decision was taken by the newlywed couple so that there was enough space for the two families to mingle and understand each other.

“Had the Prime Minister and other big leaders attended our wedding, we would have been engaged in managing a lot of things and the families wouldn’t have had time with each other,” he said. Tejashwi also mentioned concerns regarding Covid-19 as a reason to trim the guest list.

Tejashwi said that soon they will plan a reception in Bihar soon, and the family will finalize the date in the next two to three days. He said it’s taking time as they have to decide on a suitable venue that can host a large number of guests.

Relating to an incident at his elder brother Tej Pratap Yadav’s wedding where the stage caved in, he said they need to ensure all care is taken to avoid such accidents as “lakhs of people” who love Lalu Yadav are eager to welcome their “daughter-in-law”.

Meanwhile, the feud in Lalu Prasad’s family intensified as agitated over his uncle’s remark against his brother’s inter-caste marriage, Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav on Saturday said the former is a “kans mama”.

“My father Lalu Prasad was defamed for 15 years due to Sadhu Yadav’s criminal activities. Sadhu Yadav’s value is not more than Rs 2. He has used the name of the Lalu Prasad family to become a billionaire. He does not have the guts to stay in front of me. I am in Vrindavan right now. Wait for my return, I will teach him a lesson. People of Bihar will beat him with shoes,” Tej Pratap said.

On the other, refusing to back down, Sadhu Yadav alleged that the RJD founder defamed him by financing a movie that used his name and portrayed the character in a bad light. “Lalu Prasad had given money to filmmaker Prakash Jha for the movie ‘Gangajal’ to defame my name,” Sadhu Yadav alleged.

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