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Questioned About His Wife’s Salary On Twitter, Sushma Swaraj’s Husband Had An Epic Response

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s husband, Swaraj Kaushal, is an acknowledged master of the Twitter repartee.

When a Twitter user asked him about his wife’s salary, Kaushal gave a bang on answer.

He said: ‘Never ask a woman her age, and a man his salary’. The advice rests on the idea that the man is the family breadwinner and, for a woman, her looks are paramount.

With his witty response, Kaushal just taught the world some important manners.

The former governor of Mizoram is often flooded with tweets — some requesting him to talk to Sushma to unblock them on her Twitter timeline and others asking him to pass along messages to her. Kaushal is always ready with a witty response.

Once, he was asked why doesn’t follow his wife on Twitter, to which he replied, “Because I am not stranded in Libya or Yemen.”

When a ‘concerned’ and ‘possesive’ gentleman questioned when Kaushal had last met his wife, he said:

People simply love and enjoy his tweets.

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