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Putin is back in his presidential chair with 88% of the votes amidst the invasion of the Ukraine conflict

Putin, a Russian political reformist of Russia, controlled continuous positions as president and prime minister since 2009. A valiant intelligence officer, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is again on board with Presidential rank, after winning the Russian presidential election with the highest recorded landslide of 87%. The nation is overjoyed to see Putin be the same president for six consecutive years. One of the largest serving Russian Soviets who is overcoming all the brutal suppression from the Ukraine-Gaza war, however, Putin is cruising his victory to save the nation from the dispute.

The Russian president is on track to be re-elected, according to parliamentary results. Putin received 87% of the vote and a record turnout of 77.5% in the Russian Electoral Commission.

Putin also suggested that he was more legitimate than Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who had postponed elections scheduled for this year due to martial law. “We will think about who to hold talks with” on ending the war, he said. “We are for peace negotiations, but not because the enemy is running out of ammunition”, he quoted.

Putin mused about the possibility of Russian military confrontation with NATO, saying it would be “one step away from a third world war” after French President Emmanuel Macron suggested sending troops to Ukraine.

Putin, the longest-serving ruler since Joseph Stalin, has consolidated power despite Western efforts to impose harsh financial penalties on Moscow in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s army has regained the initiative against outmanned and outgunned Ukrainian forces, while the Russian economy has recovered, as a result of increased defense spending during the war and economic lifelines from countries such as China.

Putin’s repression of domestic dissent since the invasion has left him with no challengers, as his most prominent opponent, Alexei Navalny, died last month in a remote Arctic prison colony. Navalny’s family and supporters have been forced into exile, and they blame Putin for his death, which the Kremlin denies.

“All the plans we have created to develop Russia will certainly be carried out and their goals achieved,” he said. “We have come up with grandiose plans and will do everything to carry them out.”

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