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Putin Found on Floor After Heart Attack: Know Current Condition

Russian President Putin Experiences Cardiac Arrest, Found on Floor, Reports Says

Vladimir Putin’s Health Scare

What Happened? Russian President Vladimir Putin had a health scare. He had a heart attack and was found on the floor of his home.

Details from a Telegram Group A group called General SVR on Telegram shared this news. They get information from retired intelligence officers and people who used to work in the Kremlin in Russia.

What Others Are Saying British news outlets like The Mirror, GB News, and The Express also talked about this. They got the information from the same Telegram group. They say Putin was found on the floor near some food at about 9:05 p.m. on Sunday.

Putin’s Update

Later, Putin said his health is now stable. He mentioned that when he fell, he might have hit some things on a table. This made a noise, and his security team came quickly. Doctors helped him, and he woke up. They took him to a room with better medical equipment.

Concerns About Putin’s Health

The Telegram group also said that because Putin has other health issues, including cancer, doctors think he might not live past the winter. They say that after the heart attack, people close to Putin talked on the phone about what to do if he didn’t make it.

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