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“Pune Porsche Crash Case: How DNA Analysis of ‘Secret’ Sample Uncovered Sample Swap”

In a significant development in the Pune Porsche crash case, the City Police on Monday arrested two doctors and a staff member of the state-run Sassoon General Hospital for altering the blood sample of the minor driver.

This sample, initially collected approximately eight hours after the accident, was illicitly replaced. DNA analysis conducted at a state-run forensic facility, following the collection of a ‘secret’ blood sample based on intelligence inputs, revealed a criminal conspiracy involving senior doctors and the minor’s father.

This discovery prompted a broader investigation into potential further involvement. Financial transactions between the doctors and the minor’s father were uncovered, implicating monetary exchanges in the sample tampering.

On Monday, the police arrested Dr. Ajay Taware, Dr. Shrihari Halnor, and Sassoon staffer Atul Ghatkamble for evidence destruction. The investigation began on Sunday after receiving the forensic report on DNA analysis of three samples, including the covertly collected one.

A senior officer detailed that the initial blood sample was taken at 11 am on May 19 at Sassoon General Hospital. Due to suspicions of tampering, a second sample was collected at 6 pm at the District Hospital in Aundh. DNA analysis revealed that the father’s DNA matched the Aundh sample but not the Sassoon sample, indicating sample tampering between May 19 and 20.

During questioning, the doctors claimed the sample was discarded with biomedical waste, making recovery unlikely. Ghatkamble facilitated the financial transactions. Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar explained that intelligence suggested potential tampering, prompting the collection of a second, secret sample.

The arrested individuals were presented in court, where Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Tambe stated that the investigation uncovered bribes paid for sample alteration, necessitating home searches for evidence.

The minor’s father has been implicated in the conspiracy, with technical evidence showing direct contact with Dr. Taware. The investigation continues, examining all possible angles, including reviewing CCTV footage from Sassoon Hospital.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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