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Pulwama attack: India is going take the boldest step of all time – Donald Trump

Pulwama attack: India is going take the boldest step of all time – Donald Trump

The US president Donald Trump describing about the relationship between Pakistan and India, in which he says current situation between India and Pakistan is “very, very bad”& dangerous situation for Pakistan.

On Friday, at the Oval Office in an conference with Trump,  reporters asked question about the Pulwama attack, responding to the question trump said “India is looking at something very strong. India just lost almost 50 people in the attack. I can understand that too. Trump said that his administration was talking to authorities in both countries. He also said the white house contacted with the both countries and hoping the bitterness between both the country’s end soon.

Trump claimed that his administration has developed a much better relationship with Pakistan, even after he stopped USD 1.3 billion in financial aid to Islamabad. “I stopped Pakistan, the USD 1.3 billion that we were paying them. In the meantime, we may set up some meetings with Pakistan. “Pakistan was taking very strong advantage of the United States under other presidents and we were paying Pakistan 1.3 billion a year. I ended that payment to Pakistan because they weren’t helping us in a way that they should have. And honestly, we’ve developed a much better relationship with Pakistan over the last short period of time than we had,” Trump said.

Let me tell you that The Pulwama attacks was the worst terrorist strike in J&K on 14th Feb 2019. The Prime Minister of India has given a free will to the Armed forces to strike back, meanwhile the Pakistani side warned of retaliation. India is using all diplomatic channels to isolate Pakistan in the international community. India first scrapped the Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan, later India hiked custom duty to 200 percent on goods traded with Pakistan.

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