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Prakash Raj Celebrates Sixtieth birthday with huger striker Wangchuck; downheart by the absence of his beloved Son

Image Source: News24

On March 26, the actor Prakash Raj, who is well-versed in South Indian cinema, leaves for the Ladakh hunger strike protest. Prakash, a resident of Bengaluru, appeared to be depressed on his birthday because his late son Siddhu’s presence. Prakash, an actor and politician, is well-known for playing antagonistic roles in movies. Throughout his career, he performed Superior in Tamil cinema than Bollywood, and his cinematic aura still ruling across the film industry. Prakash’s making progress in the political arena (Bharat Rashtra Samithi) is gradually taking a smaller steps yet the jovial limelight . His family life hasn’t been regarded as healthy and loving since the death of his son Siddhu, who arose from his Secomd marriage to Pony Verma.

On the recent outbreak on Wangchuck’s 21 days hungerstrike, who demands independence for Ladakh and its inclusion in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, Prakash Raj Visited the respective activist.

Look at this:

The demonstration spearheaded by Mr. Wangchuk has the backing of Mr. Raj, a prominent opponent of the ruling BJP. He expressed that when governments break their promises, the people must band together and use their constitutional rights to voice their opinions.

Apart of his actor-politics life, Prakash family has not been loving after married to his second wife, Pony Verma, both shared a tweleve years of age difference. The couple are full with love and romance, but few little smilings are missing from their life. Had a son of five years, name as Siddhu, who passed away a decade ago. Since then, life is not going happy & cheering without their Son.

Author: Baisakhi Dhar

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