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Popular Tv Actress Shruti Ulfat Arrested for mishandling a Snake; Shocking video goes viral!

When did people will learn that it’s not good to messwith the wildlife? In a shocking turn of events, ‘Shrimaanji Shrimati ji’ fame Shruti Alfat has been arrested for illegally posing with snake (cobra). Yes, Shruti shot with the rare specie for her Like Ok’s show ‘Nagarjun Ek Yodha’ but things got worse after she posted a video on her Instagram handle.

PAWS unit member Sunish Kunju instantly decided to use his voice over the issue and complained to forest department for forensic investigation. Following this, Shruti and with other three members from production team named Nitin Solanki, Utkarsh Bali and Pearl Puri were also arrested from the same. All the members were booked under the violation of sections wildlife act 1972 -Sections 39, 9, 51, 48a.

The complainant revealed that the production team has misleading the forest department and they indeed had shot with a real snake. The complainant said, “If such acts are performed by television personalities it will only promote capturing snakes and making such videos. We also want the forest department to arrest the main culprit who provided the snake as it was not only extremely risky for people but also traumatising for the snake.”

Here’s the video which led to a trouble journey for Shruti Ulfat, we bet you will be equally furious as well.

Another one!

Raww (a wildlife and environment conservation NGO) founder Pawan Sharma, later took to Facebook and express his angst he wrote,

Don’t mess with the wildlife people.

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