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Pocket Money Of Indian Children Is More Than The GDP Of 52 Countries Combined

Cartoon channel Pogo recently conducted a survey on the pocket money of the kids in the country. The ‘Turner New Generation 2016’ study was conducted in all major cities and also places with more than 1 lakh population. The report said that kids in India spend more than Rs 22,000 crore, given to them as pocket money, reports. This amount is more than GDP of 52 small countries which included Maldives and Bhutan.

Pogo had conducted a similar survey in 2012. During that year, kids used to get Rs 275 per month approximately which rose to Rs 555 five years later. The latest report says not all kids spend all their pocket money, in fact, 50 percent of them also save money, mostly girls. Most kids buy clothes, shoes, junk food from the amount they get from their parents or near and dear ones. In big cities, 90 percent children also have mobiles as well as other gadgets with them.

Most kids use these gadgets to play games, listen to music type messages and watch videos. In fact, about 32 percent kids download apps. The report went on to say that because of mobiles and television, lifestyles of kids have changed, affecting their health. Nowadays more and more cases are coming up of children suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

In fact nowadays one can see less number of children between age group of 7-14 years of age go out to play, the survey by Pogo said, according to The study which was conducted in 175 countries also said that India stands second in terms of overweight kids. In China and Vietnam only 1 percent kids are overweight, the report added.

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