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PM Modi – “Educated farmers will give a befitting reply to the people opposing farm law.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked opposition from Kutch in Gujarat. He also gave a message to the farmers, who are protesting against the boundaries of Delhi, against the three new agricultural laws. Addressing the people present after the foundation stone of several projects in Kutch, he said that farmers in Delhi are being confused. Those in power, who did not do the work of improving the agriculture sector, are still trying to mislead the farmers to serve their political interests.

Modi said that the opposition is carrying a gun on the shoulders of the farmers but the aware farmers of the country will answer them. In Gujarat, there is prosperity with the modern technology of agriculture and animal husbandry, citing the example of farmers, Modi said that animal husbandry contributes 25% to India’s GDP, which is more than the contribution of pulses in grains.

If the farmer of Gujarat is taking advantage of the free market, then farmers of other states of the country should also get this system. In a function organized here, Modi asked the people whether their cattle or cow buffalo have been taken away or someone has occupied the land of a farmer when they are being contracted with dairy herders.

Modi said that some people are trying to further their politics by misleading the farmers. Modi said that the government is ready 24 hours to solve every problem of farmers.

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