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Plane crashed on the Washington street, sends fireballs into the sky

A shocking video came into light on Wednesday when a plane burst into a fireball when it crashed into power lines and traffic lights before smashing into a road just inches from cars.

The small aircraft was filmed by a dashboard camera quickly diving towards the ground above Mukilteo Speedway in Mukilteo, Washington, USA, yesterday afternoon.

Footage shows several cars sitting in traffic waiting patiently for the lights to turn green when suddenly the aircraft appears and plummets quickly towards the ground.

Though, the pilot reported he had lost power just before the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Wednesday.

The crash was captured on a driver’s dashcam video, which showed the plane clipping a power line and sending sparks into the air before hitting the ground in a fireball.

The single-engine plane had just taken off from nearby Paine Field airport when it crashed at about 3:30 p.m. at Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest and Mukilteo Speedway, according to Mukilteo police.

Police say several cars were damaged in the crash and the subsequent fire.

After striking the power line, the plane hit a traffic signal, rupturing a fuel cell and sparking a car fire, police said. After hitting the street the plane skidded to a stop at Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest east of Cyrus Way.

Here is the full video



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