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Pixar just dropped the first teaser of The Incredibles 2 and we can’t keep calm

We’ve waited 13 years, and finally, our patience has been rewarded: the teaser trailer for The Incredibles 2 has been released.

It barely reveals anything with regards to plot, but it does show baby Jack-Jack, who was believed to have no powers in the original movie, enjoying laser eyes and morphing abilities.

“You have powers!” his father Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) roars as he holds his son before Jack-Jack sneezes and manages to singe his dad’s hair with his laser eyes.

Disney-Pixar announced the sequel to The Incredibles in March 2014. It was originally set for release in 2019, but was switched with Toy Story 4, and will now be out in cinemas on 15 June 2018.

The new film, which was made due to audience demand, appears to be set immediately after the events of the first.

Michael Giacchino’s iconic theme returns, as does Craig T. Nelson to voice Mr Incredible. Holly Hunter is also back to voice his wife Helen Parr/Elastigirl and Samuel L. Jackson will once again play Mr Incredible’s best friend Lucius Best/Frozone.

Sarah Vowell voices the Incredibles’ daughter Violet, who possesses invisibility and the power to create force fields, with Spencer Fox as her little brother Dash, who has super speed.

Director Brad Bird, who voiced the beloved fashion genius Edna Mode, will also appear in the film, hopefully, to design some incredible new costumes for the Supers.

The Incredibles 2 is out in cinemas on 15 June 2018.

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