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Peter purportedly framed me in murder case: Indrani

Taking a new murkier turn in the much controversial Sheena Bora murder case, Indrani Mukerjea told cops that her husband Peter Mukerjea has framed her in the killing of her daughter.

Indrani, the main accused in the murder of her daughter, blamed her estranged husband and former media baron in a handwritten note to CBI for the abduction and disappearance of Sheena. She further told that he acted out of greed, evil and lust and she has got abundant reasons to rationale her husband for manipulating the evidence.

Though not directly accused, Indrani told that he and his driver Shyamwar Rai could be behind her abduction and in an attempt to destroy evidence must have disposed of the body.

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The case gets more complicated with the recent development where driver Rai was arrested in an arms case. At that time cops arrested three people including Rai, Indrani and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna; later taking into custody Peter Mukerjea.

The arrest of Indrani arises on the suspect of her disapproval for Seena’s relationship with Rahul, the son of Peter.

A catch of multiple versions of the killing:

The course of investigation and trial witnesses various versions of Indrani, driver and Peter. Indrani determines to have scores of brawny reasons to believe that Peter with his influential witnesses may have manipulated the situation to lead her arrest.

Driver Rai, the initial accuser before turning approver for the prosecution alleged Indrani for planning the murder of her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna.

Peter, the founder of INX Media claimed of having no qualms about the relationship between his son and Seena.
CBI’s version, however, has a different story to say and eventually emerge that both Peter and Indrani were equal participants and were against the relationship Sheena and Rahul.

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