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Pet dogs save woman’s life from leopards in Mumbai

There’s no doubt that dogs are a man’s best friend and in this incident, dogs proved their loyality by saving a woman’s life from leopards in Mumbai.

The dogs kept the leopards at bay for 15 minutes and finally scared them away.

The pet dogs saved the two women who were attacked by two leopards on Saturday night were saved by pet dogs, said police.

The dogs kept the leopards at bay for 15 minutes and finally scared them away, saving the women. Both, however, suffered minor injuries.

According to the police, Bayaji Bhimrao Bendre, 50, a resident of unit 17, Aarey Colony, went to relieve herself 30m from her house.

Two leopards attacked Bayaji Bhimrao Bendre, 50, in the dark.

Her family was at a Navratri celebration at that time. Only her two pet dogs were home.

“It was dark and two leopards attacked her. On hearing her screams, the dogs ran out and fought the big cats. The woman fled but sustained injuries to her left leg and right hand,” said Bendre’s nephew Sunil Jaguwaghata, 35.

The leopards also attacked Asha Gavit, 55, who arrived at the spot to help Bendre. Gavit suffered injuries to her leg. “The dogs prevented the leopards from entering the settlement,” said Jaguwaghata.

A police team visited the spot and recorded the women’s statements. “We informed the forest department of the incident. They will set up cages to nab the leopards,” said senior inspector Vijayalaxmi Hiremath of Aarey colony.

A month ago, the forest department had set up cages at five places nabbed a leopard that attacked five, said a police officer.


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