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Periods: Don’t Talk About It, Please

There are some implied rules of our society which we girls need to follow. One of those rule is never to talk about your ‘Periods’. There are times in a girl’s life when she has to keep mum or talk in a low tone while talking about it in front of her male friends or relatives or even her father. There must have been times when many of the girls have met with disgusted faces every time we mentioned our periods. EW! They say and pretend to shut their ears. We are objectified almost every day of our lives and we’re almost expecting it to happen.

Whenever we travel via bus, or take any public transport, we usually cover our breasts with our hands to prevent that inappropriate touching. There are times when we have to tolerate stares and judgmental eyes because of the “size” of our dress. But the next day, when we wear a salwar kameez, there is no change in the looks at all. They’re just aimed at different places, the neckline, if not the legs. And god forbids if we ever wear that to a party because, ‘You look way sexier in a dress!’ or ‘Don’t dress like an aunty, you’re only 24!’

Girls are made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, even sometimes in their own house, even sometimes by their own friends. The idea of a perfect body is defined by the society and we have to fit in or else like our mother says “who will marry you”. And if you ever made to feel the same way, you need to watch this – “A brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” by Aranya Johar. This is a strong and heartbreaking video which shatters all the stigma surrounding the girls gender and brings back the anger that we try to forget every day as we go along, adjusting to the catcalls and misogyny.

Watch this amazing video and feel the anger again which is sometimes good.

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