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perfect! now loose weight while sitting on your desk know how:

Sitting at the desk for the longer period of time takes a toll on your body. Not only is it bad for your back, it also leads to weight gain. And let’s be honest, after a busy and exhausting day at work, hardly anyone has the patience to hit the gym.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting in shape. Yes, ladies, there are many things that you can do while sitting at your desk that can help you stay fit. And no, we are not talking about joining the office gym.

Avoid Indulging In Treats
Who doesn’t love cake? We know we do! Especially if a colleague has baked it with all the love and calories. But if you resist the temptation of indulging in that sweet sin, you can easily lose a few inches.

Make Sure You Get Enough Of Vitamin D
Science says that the receptors in your brain need vitamin D to keep hunger and cravings in check, as well as to pump up levels of the mood-elevating chemical serotonin. It even optimises your body’s ability to absorb other important weight-loss nutrients, especially calcium.

Make sure you step out to get some sun and fresh air. If going out of the office isn’t possible then you can eat plenty of oily fish to keep your level of vitamin D up.

Have Water And More Water

Water is a boon. The more you keep yourself hydrated, the easier it will be for you to lose that extra weight.

When you drink cold water, your body uses extra calories to warm the water up to body temperature. Bottom line: drinking just half a litre more of water can increase the number of calories burned for at least an hour. Some studies have even shown that this can lead to modest weight loss.

Instead Of Carrying A Water Bottle, Walk To The Water Cooler Each Time You’re Thirsty
Carrying a bottled water with you is a really good habit. Since you are already leading a sedentary lifestyle, mixing it up a little bit can be beneficial. Instead of sitting at your desk guzzling down water from your pet bottle, you can get up and walk to the water cooler.

Not only will this serve as a break from your work, but the short walk can also help your body get some physical activity.

Don’t Eat Your Lunch At The Desk, Head To The Cafeteria
Ladies, we all know that on a really busy day, we all end up chomping on our lunch at the desk. So, not only are sitting for 8-9 hours at your desk, but you are also not moving around when you’re eating. Heading to the cafeteria will not only help you up your social skills but also give you some exercise.

Let Go Off The Office Lift, Take The Stairs

Let go of the lift. Yes, do it. Using the stairs can help you lose over 10 calories per floor. Isn’t that amazing? It’s free and you will even digest all the food you gorged on during lunch.

Keep Getting Up From Your Seat And Stand
Standing up more frequently from your seat can actually help you burn calories. A study by the University of Glasgow, UK, you’ll burn more calories if you focus not only on the number of hours you spend standing but on the number of times you stand up as well.

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