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No Fear No Favour

People hanging out with friends & family will be held with the double hangover as PM Modi is going to address Public on 31st Dec.

Prime Minister NarendraModi is likely to address the nation on New Year’s Eve, according to media reports. The address is expected at 7:30 in the evening.

Though it is not immediately known what the speech will be about, speculation is rife that it will be a stock talking of the demonetisation announced on 8 November.

The prime minister had announced the government’s surprise decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in a stated aim to curb fake currency, black money generation, and terror funding.

Frequent changes in rules regarding the withdrawal of cash and deposit of banned old notes added to the confusion of the public. It has been speculated that NarendraModi will take about the Excellency of public for supporting him and maintaining the patience among the different class of society for depositing and & withdrawal of money.
Some other speculations made about PM Modi New Year speech are PradhanMantriGaribKalyanYojana 2016 to enable people with undisclosed income to come clean andBenamiSampatti issues etc.

Modi will also include how he is going to use the Black Money collected after Demonetisation like investing for the programs of irrigation, housing, toilets, infrastructure, primary education, primary health, livelihood etc so that there are justice and equality.

For those who are still enjoying and sharing booze with their friends & colleagues on the celebration of New Year and are under the list of black money holder are going to get double stoned after the PM NarendraModi Upcoming Demonetisation speech.

As Modi has already mentioned the clear specification for the people who will be found with old 500 & 1000rs note after 31st of December. They will have to pay the fine or will be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

While some analysts speculate the announcement of deposits of fixed sums by the government into Jan Dhan accounts, there is a real possibility that as per the request of bankers, the Prime Minister might actually extend the limit for the exchange of demonetised notes. Whatever the announcement might be, it is expected to make a huge splash right at the beginning of 2017.

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